London Stress Relief and Social – Meetup


Group Coaching


I loved what you do because it was simple/direct/authentic/ and really helpful for me to overcome stress/anxiety/depression/limiting beliefs.

Johnny B.


“I was listened to and able to talk about my anxiety. I felt understood. The relief was amazing thanks to Beatrice’s support and peers suggestions.”

Steve W.


“During the workshop on Overcoming Fears, we talked about our experiences and what stopped us. I remember a woman who was scared of driving in London. She got a bicycle and started to ride around. It helped her gain confidence and she can now drive around. ‘Riding a bicycle is the most dangerous thing you could do’, said one of her friends. On the bus back home, I thought that I could get a motorbike. Before, a motorbike was a big NO. Now, I wanted one because I could park it easily. I overcame my fear of motorbikes and now, I ride. Group coaching is powerful!”

Beatrice S.


1 – 1 Coaching


“For months, I was going from one temporary job to another. Nothing fit me. I like pets and I had an idea for a business selling pet products. I told my family and friends of my idea but I felt I wasn’t taken seriously. So I approached Beatrice and she was supportive, encouraging me to explore my idea further. I’ve got an appointment with a business adviser to draft my business plan. Thank you so much!”

Joanne H.


I got caught in office politics at work and had a difficult relationship with the office manager. The situation was so bad that I fell sick and was off work. My hobby is writing music but I was so absorbed by problems at work that I didn’t find time for music anymore. Beatrice helped me re-focus my attention and energy on music. My work is now a means to support me while I write music and it doesn’t take my whole life anymore. I feel stimulated.”

Ulli S.