Stressbuster Program

In 2017, 12.5 million working days were lost in the U.K. due to work-related ill health (source HSE). Chronic stress leads to anxiety, depression and serious illness. It is also costly to companies with less productivity. Don’t let this happen to you!

In my quest to find an efficient way of dealing with stress, I stumbled upon a brilliant coaching program that I tried myself. The 7 Session Stress Management coaching program STRESS U/FREEDOM NOW was developed by Empowerment expert Louise Anne Maurice and has been used by thousands of people with great results.

This program is the solution if you

  Are overwhelmed with stress and want natural ways to deal with stress and reduce anxiety

 Want to get to the root cause of your stress and better understand the triggers of your stress and anxiety

 Are looking for ways to balance work and life

 Understand your situation and find perspective

 Develop mindfulness and intuition to increase focus and be more centred

 Improve your relationships in life and at work

 Be socially more confident and overcome the fear of public speaking

 Changing your mindset and limiting beliefs patterns

 My bonus: Get 1 subliminal script specially tailored to your needs to help re-program the mind

 Learn to ride the wave and much more!

In a confidential and non-judgemental manner, I’ll support and guide you step by step to unravel your stress that is building up into a destructive storm in your life. We’ll work together to plan your way from stress to success.

Free 45 min introductory session to evaluate your stress levels and define your needs. How the coaching program works will be explained to you.

Sessions can be arranged 1-1 in person in Central London, Skype and phone calls. They can be scheduled weekly or fortnightly.

Group coaching (4-12 participants) is also available for companies and organisations.

I also organise group coaching sessions in London for individuals.

Please contact me for details.