My intuitive coaching helps you clarify your thoughts, find inspiration and the motivation to get the life you deserve. You may want to investigate the source of your stress in-depth and work a way to uproot that stress. I support you with this. My service is tailored to your needs because


To increase results, I can also help you achieve goals with subliminal messages. Throughout coaching sessions, we work together to determine your needs and set up goals. Thereafter, I write specific subliminal scripts to re-program your mind and get the results you want. You may require a script to cure a phobia, increase your confidence in public speaking or else but not winning the lottery, sorry!

My experience with subliminal messages taught me that they need to be specific to the person in order to work effectively. General subliminal messages only produce mixed results. You want results. For instance, a subliminal for phobia won’t necessarily cure claustrophobia but a subliminal specific to claustrophobia will.

Please note that I never give advice. I may sometimes offer suggestions with your consent. For best results, decisions about what you should do for improvements are entirely yours. I take my job very seriously and I am fully committed to supporting you to achieve what you want, answering your queries and helping you find extra resources.

The more you are committed to making changes, the better the outcome. Considering that the decisions made following coaching sessions are entirely yours, I decline all responsibility for the consequences of such decisions. I am straightforward and honest.

Below, I tell you more about how to book coaching with me:

1 – 1 Coaching

Tester/Pay As You Go, held in Central London or via Skype Calls. Free introductory consultation via Skype Calls.

Get 1 free subliminal script with 3hr coaching booked in a block. This is the minimum time I need to devise a subliminal script that you can play on your laptop or mobile with free software.

Skype Coaching

Whatever your location in the world, we can connect through Skype calls. Please give your Skype Id on the registration form. There is a 30 min free introduction.

If you are happy and wish to make more dramatic changes in your life, you may register for the 6 Week Stressbuster Package.

Please fill the form below and I get back to you (normally within 48 hrs) or text me at (0044) 7581666260